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Glowing Heart Reiki School aims to create a more grounded and communal approach to learning, living, and offering Reiki. We are invested in ensuring that our graduates have all the resources they need to get the most out of their Reiki practice. GHRS hosts monthly Reiki Shares and Community Reiki events that support both professional growth for those on that path, as well as a strong communal base for all lovers of Reiki. GHRS is unique in that we offer ongoing support and mentoring to graduates who are hoping to integrate their connection to Reiki in all areas of their lives. 

GHRS focuses on maintaining a spiritually-centered community while spreading awareness of the healing power of Reiki. 

The name โ€œGlowing Heart Reikiโ€ was inspired by the incredible heart healing that has been experienced by so many recipients and practitioners of this particular Reiki lineage. We believe that the Reiki Attunement not only awakens a deep connection to the ultimate wisdom and infinite healing potential of the universe, but that it also attunes one to live, flow, and glow from the heart! 

"Our goal while on this earth is to transcend our illusions and discover the innate power of our spirit. We are responsible for what we create, and we must therefore learn to act and think with love and wisdom and live in service to others and all life."
โ€• Caroline Myss




Glowing Heart Reiki School was founded by Reiki Master & Teacher, Nicole Lynne Hooley. After attuning nearly 100 reiki practitioners in the Usui System of Natural Healing, and laying hands on hundreds more, Nicole began to realize and receive higher guidance that the lineage which was developing under her nose was something profoundly unique and beautiful. She wanted to name her linage, so she asked spirit/reiki for guidance, and without hesitation the name "Glowing Heart" popped into her head. She checked in with her most dedicated students and found that they had a deep connection to the name and could even feel it in their hearts when they thought of it. The rest is history.


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