Subtle Evolution Through Reiki

Reiki Master, Nicole Lynne Hooley, explains the subtle transformation that occurs through each Reiki Attunement and the importance of not rushing the process. 


Many people come to learn Reiki with the intention of adding it to their professional tool belt. Yet, Reiki is so much more than a new service rendered. Reiki is a healing expressway to profound shifts on our path to self actualization. By waking up our awareness to subtle energy we are able to start navigating our true path and start to clearly define what does and does not serve our highest good. So, whether or not you came to Reiki as something to add to your current offerings, let it be known that this practice has so much more to offer you!

Your first attunement initiates a subtle, yet deeply powerful self healing journey.

If we treat our Reiki Level 1 experience as if it is a merely another certification to add to our resume, we might find ourselves completely bypassing an incredible opportunity. I try to be as clear as possible with my students, that after a day long Reiki Level 1 training you are not immediately qualified as healer. I think that it takes time to really sit with the Universal Life Force energy.

Will Reiki flow through you for loved ones after Reiki Level 1? Yes, most definitely! 

Is it possible to only get Reiki Level 1 and grow with Reiki throughout your life? Yes!

However, it takes time and actual experience, of which there is no actual certification for. So instead of using a linear approach to learning this spiritual practice, you are asked to sit back and ask Reiki (Japanese for Universal Life-force Energy) to reveal itself to you as you are ready. 

Reiki will guide you if you let it in! Letting Reiki assist you can simply look like giving yourself, your friends and/or your family free Reiki sessions for a while. This process will help support an inner awakening. Once we see and feel the effects of Reiki we will start to understand its incredible healing power. It is then that we will begin to grant Reiki permission to heal us. This healing may be instant, it may take days, weeks, months or years. You will only be given what you can handle (as they say). Many times what is in our best interest will not look pleasant from our current perspective. Yet when we look back from a future perspective we will see how Reiki was guiding us all along towards our highest good.

What I am trying to say is that the first attunement process is one to initiate self healing. Think of it as a new app or computer program you are downloading for the software that is your body/mind. This software is subtle, yet it is an upgrade, one that is meant to guide you like a GPS tracking device to your highest good. Give it enough time to fully load.

Your second attunement expands your perspective and give you life-long tools and practices to safely assist in the healing journey of others.

Once you feel like you are starting to understand your connection to reiki, and have seen some evidence of its truth, you are encouraged to move to the next level. Your second attunement is an initiation into the world of being a vessel for healing others. Reiki level 2 practitioners do not need to be on the mission to be a full time healing practitioner to be a healer. They just need to show up for themselves, as themselves and they will find that their authentic and most aligned presence is healing enough. 

Although I consider Reiki Level 2 as a Healers Certification, I do not mean you should send out applications the next day. I only mean that the tools given to you in this attunement class are all you need to be a qualified healer. Sitting with, experiencing, and having a strong hold on the techniques takes everyone a varying amount of time. For me some of the healing techniques and symbols took much longer than others to be incorporated into my practice. I found that they kind of revealed themselves slowly over time. Although you have everything you need after just one attunement, I think it takes many of us time to believe that is the case.

Keep in mind that becoming a healer can carry some weight. Your social circle may begin to shift. Your career path might change. You might start to find yourself unable to do unsatisfying work. You might no long want toxic foods, substances or relationships. This is because reiki is aligning you to live your purpose. You living your best and most authentic life is the most healing thing you can do for the world as a whole. However, before adding healer to your resume, please be aware of the energy field you are stepping into. Is it really what you want? If so, Reiki Level 2 is for you! 

Your third attunement and the deeper teachings begin to call in Reiki into every area of your life, so that you can begin to live from an even more enlightened wholistic perspective.

There comes a point in the Reiki Journey where there is a profound desire to go deeper! This is the heart's call for the Master Symbol attunement. You of course are not a "Master" after a simple afternoon attunement intensive. What you have done though, is called in Self Mastery in this lifetime! The master symbol is for the practitioner. It helps to bring all the worlds, the realms, the vibrations into oneness. This level is an attunement toward connection to your inner source and light. This transition can feel awkward. It will take your body and mind some time to catch up with being attuned to the unified field. At this level a deepening of regular self practice slowly latches on, no matter how much we try and fight it. 

Becoming a Reiki Master/Teacher happens in time, usually long after your receive your certificate. It is a tricky dance with your ego, and it will eventually reveal itself in the most unlikely of ways.

The process of teaching reiki is honestly what makes you a master. However, we must be honest with reiki, so if we are teaching for the wrong reasons... it will be a difficult ride. That is why this step in the reiki evolution takes the longest to get to. Many trainings will allow for all four levels of attunements in one weekend... or maybe two. This works for some, and there is no reason it shouldn't, reiki exposes the relativity of time at level two. However, because time is so illusory I find that there is great value in taking as much of it as you need (just as long as it's done from a guided place). What I found in my experience of shorter mastery trainings is that they set you up for your next round at awakening. Even if it is a weekend training, it could take months and or even years to fully catch up to the energetic shift that you have been tapped into.

While I adored the 3 Reiki Master Trainings I participated in, I felt pretty lonely in months that followed. My consciousness was expanding, my perception had shifted and even though two had provided online platforms, I craved more of a connection with others experiencing similar shifts.  Which is what eventually lead me to cultivating the Glowing Heart Reiki School. Reiki Teachers will find themselves completely out of sorts when they are off path. The universe will no longer whisper, it instead begins to jolt and shift with deep clarity. The deeper guidance can be exhilarating! What we find is everything is a blessing. The Reiki Master attunement calls you toward your tribe. It clears away mental and emotional blockages and helps you realize your potential and worth. The practice become much more subtle, easier even, but the work is so much more profound. 

Becoming a reiki master is no small small feat. For me It truly expanded the realm of possibility, but at times the shakes and cracks it caused in my reality were a tad alarming.  For example, I have seen many people attend master trainings and then find themselves in the coming months pursuing a completely different career and life path. This is why the GHRS Mastership Program focuses on creating a Passion Project for each of its participants. While we want you to have the ability to teach people Reiki and pass attunements (it's such a lovely gift to be able to offer people), we truly want you to be an embodiment of Reiki in the world. We want you to call in self mastery, and that does not need to mean you only succeed if you become a full time reiki teacher (besides, I've never met one). 

The Journey

Reiki has the power to allow us to see the mystery and magic of life once again. It clears away years of limiting beliefs and brings us back to being a child of cosmic power. If you are on the Reiki Journey, fully engage! There is so much magic for YOU! Don't just let your clients and loved ones benefit, make sure you are getting the all the goods too!  Reiki is an amazing guide on the journey toward awakened living! I wish you the most joyful travels! 

Love & light,
Cole Hooley


Nicole Lynne Hooley, Master

Cole is the founder of Glowing Heart Reiki School and co-founder of Root Mamma Brooklyn, A Women’s Healing Arts Collective. Her primary focus is teaching and offering Empowerment and Intuitive Healing through Reiki Trainings, Therapeutic Yoga, Energy Healing Sessions and Women’s Gatherings. Read more about Cole HERE.