My First Reiki Treatment

Reiki Mom Tells the Story of Her First Experience with Universal Life-force Energy!

“You will be aware of everything, like everything.” Was what a lovely esthetician answered when I asked her what to expect of my Reiki treatment with her colleague. I was an overwhelmed new mum to a 3 year old. With no family in NYC and no real close friends who understood what it was to be a mother. I had very little to go on except Google. So on that note, why didn’t I Google Reiki at the very least? I can only really say, I was at my favorite Spa, exhausted and overwhelmed. 

If I didn’t really have much of an idea what Reiki was, then why would I even make an appointment to get a session at a spa then? Well, good question. I was in search for another answer to my misery besides the ones my psychotherapist kept urging into me. Prodding and poking my heart, mind and soul each week to another revelation of what could be making me so miserable. I was tired of words. I was tired of being told what I was doing wrong. I just needed a break. A non-verbal one. What I knew about Reiki at the time, was that it was a mysterious, alternative and holistic therapy that helps physical and mental ailments. This was honestly the extent of my knowledge, besides the Spa menus description including peace and serenity (a big selling point for any overtaxed mother).

Once it was time for me to be at my Reiki appointment, I began to get nervous. What had I signed up for? Would I have a nervous breakdown in there? The practitioner introduced herself as a Reiki Master taught under the teachings of Usui Shiki Ryoho. She seemed to be expecting that I knew what was she was talking about, but I didn’t. I could only respectfully listen to her. Since I was still in my spa gear of underwear and robe, I asked if I should take anything off. She said I didn’t need to take anything off. I was surprised by this, since most spa body treatments require no clothes. 

She began the session silently. So there I am, lying on a massage table and trying to relax. I start to feel a little scared. The fear turns into full-blown anxiety. It could be because it seemed like nothing was happening that I was familiar with or something else a little more mystical but I my feelings were escalating into panic. I gently told the lady, “I’m having a bit of anxiety”. I sense her immediately turning away from me (I had my eyes closed) and then came back to my side and handed me a bunch of cool stones. They were vibrating as strong as an electric toothbrush. I had no idea about Crystals at this point and just assumed they were battery powered or something else like that. In a few minutes an enormous wave of calm washed over me and the anxiety I was experiencing flew away from me. It was the strangest and most comforting feeling. 

Suddenly the sink in the room made these loud gurgling sounds like it's releasing a full sink, too impatient to be let out calmly down the drain. Weird releasing sounds came from the sink. It was so obnoxiously loud that both the practitioner and I laughed. I asked her if this usually happens and she said, it had happened before but not in a long time. I joke with her “I guess I have a lot to let out then” She laughs and replies “That’s a great way of looking at it”.

If this wasn’t enough to convince me of this powerful healing method, another strange but amazing thing happened during my first treatment. I could feel something that felt like a string being pulled out of my left foot. It wasn’t like an actual string but a weird feeling coming from inside my foot. It felt clear and strong and it kept going for a while until it had reached the end of the string and the feeling disappeared. It seemed like the practitioner barely touched me but so much had transpired during the session. After the treatment I was utterly relaxed, completely aware just as the esthetician had described and surprisingly blissful. This was my first Reiki experience and there was no convincing me other than it was real and I was changed. I was ALL in from then on. 



Angela Adriano, Level 1 & 2


Angela is a lover of all things holistic. Since she was a child she has always been an empathetic person and the one friends would turn to in times of hardship. With a background in Make-up, Film and Fashion, she has always looked to the arts and the human condition for inspiration. Today Angela is busy being a mother to her 5 year old daughter Ella and using Reiki in her daily life. In alignment with her life goal to help and heal, Angela is currently Marketing Manager for the book “Meditative Drawing: Guided Sketching to Calm The Busy Mind”. More about Angela...

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