The Light Within: A Perspective on Reiki & Quantum Physics

High School Science teacher explains the connection between Reiki & Quantum Physics. 

In the realm of physics there are two worlds:  the recognizable world, in which we visualize and perceive, and the hidden subatomic world, which feels masked and obscure.  These two worlds that we experience on a daily basis are known as classical mechanics and quantum mechanics.  Classical mechanics, also known as Newtonian mechanics, is how we visualize the world, since it draws off of our senses and everyday experiences.  The quantum mechanical world however, works a little differently.  No matter how hard we try we will not be able to navigate through the quantum world based on physical ordinary experiences in the same capacity as we do for classical mechanics.  This is because quantum mechanics is the stem of science that studies the world of the small, the very small, as in the atom and smaller.  This means it is a world comprised of subatomic particles, including electrons, protons, neutrons, quarks (which are the particles that form the protons and neutrons), and beyond.  As humans we are not neurologically wired to visualize such things, simply because it extends beyond our capabilities and our senses.  How then as humans are we able to make sense of this very small sub-atomic world that seems to defy ordinary experiences?  According to physicists, it means we need to rely on abstract mathematics, but more generally speaking, it means we need to think abstractly.  Therefore, the laws that preside over this world of the small are very different from the laws that govern the more relatable, and noticeable, world in which we are familiar with.  In fact, this quantum world deviates so far from all that we know that scientists had to essentially reconfigure the structure of logic, that had brought science as far as it had, in order to make sense of it.  This means the scientific community had to abandon all intuition and embrace an entirely new way of thinking(1).  In essence, quantum mechanics requires the use of the imagination and opening up to new possibilities.  

According to astrophysicist and author of the Tao of Physics, Fritjof Capra, there are two modes of consciousness: the rational and the intuitive(2).  The rational mode is defined by scientific knowledge and is analogous to classical mechanics.  This is because the rational mode consists of what we can perceive, what we can visualize. As a result, we navigate through the rational mode with our five senses, much like we do with classical mechanics.  On the other hand, the intuitive mode is defined by mystical knowledge and is analogous to quantum mechanics.  We may not be able to see the subatomic world of quantum mechanics, but that doesn’t invalidate it.  Quantum mechanics is very real.  We just had to abandon well-established laws and logic and adopt a new way of thinking to comprehend it - just like our intuition.

I emphasize this comparison because Reiki is associated with following your intuition and opening up beyond what we perceive as the physical world - beyond our five senses.   Could this mean that Reiki functions on a quantum level?  Is it possible that we are tapping in to a subatomic frequency that defies our ordinary experiences and embraces a new perspective?  Perhaps.

Humans are wholly energetic and electromagnetic beings.   There is a flow of energy through each of us that we can consider (for the purposes of this discussion) to be electromagnetic radiation.  Therefore, by saying humans are electromagnetic beings, it is implied that we may act as the physical conductor for this system of energy flow.  According to Richard A. Muller, author of Physics and Technology for Future Presidents, humans emit infrared radiation.  Since the electrons in our atom are not at an absolute zero temperature they shake, hence they are not stationary.  In addition, electrons have a negative charge, which means they have an electric field around them (any positive or negative charge will produce an electric field).  These “shaking” electrons will cause their electric field to shake, and the end result is electronic radiation in the form of a wave.   Now, it is known that light, simply put, is a form of electromagnetic radiation.  Therefore, anything that is not at a temperature of absolute zero will emit light because of their “shaking” electrons.  This means that humans emit light, simply by living and breathing.  Suffice it to say, very little light, and of course we don’t notice it because it is not in the part of the electromagnetic spectrum that is visible to the human eye(3).   Nonetheless, humans do emit light and energy, known as infrared radiation.  We should each be proud of our individual light, and recognize how we are fundamentally energetic and electromagnetic beings.  

There is a groundbreaking theory within quantum mechanics that states that all matter is a form of “solidified’ light which is held together by electromagnetic forces.  This is essentially what Einstein’s famous equation, E=mc2, signifies.  To break this idea down all matter is made up of atoms, which consist of protons, neutrons, and electrons.  At the center of the atom, you have the nucleus, which is made up of protons and neutrons.  The electrons are found outside of the nucleus, in orbits.  These orbiting electrons are bound to the nucleus by photons, which are quantum electromagnetic radiation particles, such as light.  In physics there are fundamental forces of particles, with the photon being the particle for electromagnetic forces.  This means the photon serves as the glue holding the electron to the nucleus of an atom.  Remember, photons are light, and as beings we are made of matter, which is made of atoms, which has photons, therefore, we are made of light.  We are simply solidified forms of light.   

In Eastern philosophy the word “Namaste” roughly translates to “the light in me honors and bows to the light in you.”  It’s an interesting parallel to the fact that we are essentially made of solidified light (photons) and as electromagnetic beings we emit light.  Thinking of the word “Namaste” in this way gives it a whole new meaning from this quantum physics perspective.  In addition, Reiki stems from the idea of connecting to “universal light” and using “universal light and life force” for energetic healing.  This brings it all back to the original question posed in the beginning of this article:  Could this mean that Reiki functions on a quantum level? Perhaps.  



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Julie Calabrese,
Level 1 & 2

Julie is a high school earth science and physics teacher, with a BS and MS in environmental science and studies.  She is also a certified Reiki practitioner who enjoys growing her Reiki and yoga practice in her free time.    More About Julie..

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