Reiki Will Help You Heal Your Subconscious Mind


From birth, we are programed with beliefs that will ultimately play a part in guiding our everyday lives; those hardwired beliefs, either positive or negative, are stored in our subconscious mind. If those beliefs are negative, they can truly make our attempts at making positive changes in our lives futile. Now if your anything like me, wanting to live the absolute best, most fun life you can possibly imagine, then healing your subconscious programing is key.

I finally understood that my subconscious mind was key when I had attempted to manifest $10,000.00. Yes, I know! $10,000.00! I had followed all the manifesting rules: figure out what you need, how much you’ll need, write it down, set a date, and believe it’s possible! In the past, “believing” was the biggest block I faced. But, something magical happened, I truly believed it was possible. I felt it deep within my being; the feeling was so strong that it seemed to transform me overnight. I felt excited and happy, eager to see how this money would come into my life. I was more relaxed about my life in general and had little to no fear or anxiety! Unfortunately, when the date came, and the money didn’t manifest, I was completely torn apart. Not because of the money, but because I had asked Source, did everything “right”, and nothing happened. In my mind that translated to: “Source doesn’t love me…”

I spent days feeling terrible and disconnected, until I finally started looking at what I had gained from that experience. When I remembered that my subconscious was the star player, it was as if Spirit jumped for joy, I felt deep upliftment within my entire body.

While the money didn’t manifest, the bigger picture did; keep healing the subconscious mind, and Reiki has helped me do just that. By directing Reiki to my subconscious mind, daily, I have been able to connect deeper with my desires and my life’s purpose; truly believing and feeling that everything that I am wanting is possible. I have even had dreams about my desires and they feel real, that has never happened before!

Healing our subconscious mind is key to living our most amazing life and I want that for you. So, I have crafted a beautiful workshop where I will share with you my reiki techniques that I use to help me in this healing process, along with a couple other awesome tools that makes this healing even more wholesome. Join me at Root Mamma on July 8th at 6PM if you are interested! 

You deserve to live the life you were put on this beautiful planet to live!

Sending you so much love,
Trianna N. Lewis


Trianna Lewis
Reiki Level 3
Psychology Student


In offering Reiki, my intention is to help individuals heal on a deeper level. Healing can be very difficult when starting out; there can be so much fear and hesitation. However, as I’m coming through my own healing journey, I’ve realized that we do not have to tackle healing on our own. There is so much love and guidance that the unseen holds for us, however, at times it can be very difficult to tap in.  Reiki has been a doorway for me to tap into that divine healing and guidance and it can be the same for you. In addition to Reiki, I am a Psychology Major and believe in integrating the two. In my experiences, Psychology gives Reiki and Spirit a physical base to ground into; together, they work with us to create our best healing. My goal in being a channel for healing energy, is to lovingly assist individuals in their healing journey, help them connect to their own personal guidance, trust in themselves, and live their best life.

Glowing Heart has given me the tool(s) to help myself and the opportunity to do the same for others, I couldn’t be more grateful.


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