Catherine Monzon   Reiki Level 1, 2, & 3a

Catherine Monzon

Reiki Level 1, 2, & 3a

Catherine is a powerful, dedicated, and unique healer.  She is proud and humbled to be a certified Reiki III practitioner and Mastership Apprentice through Glowing Heart Reiki School. Her deep spiritual nature is reflected in her service and community leadership efforts as an initiate and advocate of traditional African spiritual belief systems, and indigenous nature-based faiths. She has always been fascinated with magic, healing, and learning how spirituality can weave together her passions for community engagement and self-development. Catherine’s curious nature has led her to many different apprenticeships with elders and mentors where she learns different forms of energy healing, botany, aromatherapy, spiritual alchemy, and religious traditions. Cat utilizes this knowledge by allowing her inner magic to flourish as she provides intuitive healing and Reiki sessions.

Cat is a youth educator and has a Bachelor’s degree from City College of New York in History and Anthropology with concentrations on Colonialism and the African Diaspora. Cat’s artistic nature is expressed through the creation and marketing of her unique line of artisanal spiritual, and magical Reiki-infused products.  Cat’s biggest desire is to serve and build a better world as she activates deep healing, and harmony within herself, others, nature, and the universe. 


Cat believes that Reiki is unique because it gives you the ability to profoundly heal yourself without requiring any tools; making Reiki one of the most universally accessible forms of holistic healing. Within a session, Reiki is able to revitalize life force energy, heal deep wounds, and remove internal blockages. Reiki’s efficacious touch has profoundly impacted and helped propel Catherine’s life forward. Living by the principals of Reiki has contributed greatly to a more gentle and balanced way of life for Catherine. In her personal practice, Cat utilizes Reiki as an offering of service to her ancestors, and uses it as a powerful way to heal intergenerational trauma. In her public Reiki practice Catherine aspires to activate the healing potential power in others, and empower them to navigate through life while transforming into their most authentic and balanced selves.


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Personal Instagram: @SoothingStorm

Online Shop: White Rabbit Artisan - Instagram: @WhiteRabbitArtisan