Kristen Volpone , Level 3 Reiki Practitioner, Yin Yoga Teacher, and Sound Healer

Kristen Volpone, Level 3 Reiki Practitioner, Yin Yoga Teacher, and Sound Healer


Kristen Volpone is a heart consciousness activist & speaker of heart wisdom. When she was 6 years old her mother passed away from Breast Cancer, and her father (a Vietnam vet) struggled with PTSD. Since childhood she has explored tides of emotion that come with life, death, illness, and human experience. This has been her greatest teacher and inspires her to acknowledge, embrace, and share the power of love.

Kristen explores the energetic tapestry of the human body & offerings of the heart's gifts through Yoga, Reiki, Meditation, Sound, Creation, and Intentional Practice. She guides these practices as meditative journeys where we can explore the interconnectedness of subtle energies around us and within us. Kristen aligns her heart with these modalities to release stuck energies, open the mind, inspire growth, embrace Spirit, and liberate Being! Her intention is to share the quietude and sweetness of these offerings to different communities and wellness centers. Kristen is a co-organizer of Wandering Roots; where she supports, encourages, and empowers those in her communities with accessible & mindfully curated events. 

Kristen is an assistant teacher to Biff Mithoefer, author of the Yin Yoga Kit at his Yin Yoga Training's. She has assisted over 20 retreats, training's, and workshops in the past 4 years. Kristen’s Yin classes are infused with heartfelt poetry, sound vibration, and nature tradition.  She works with sincerity through Reiki and Yin to tend to the heavy hearted and those who are experiencing Loss and Grief. Kristen aims to provide harmony and calm to whoever she works with.

Kristen is grateful to have experienced the beautiful mystery of Reiki since she was a young girl. By receiving Reiki from her Aunt, Kristen connected with the love and warmth of her mother which opened the start of her healing journey. Since Reiki entered her life it has brought her closer to the un-explainable presence and well-being from Source. As Kristen continues to give and receive Reiki she feels the expansion of immense light and guidance from the Universe. Kristen is endlessly grateful to explore these realms, finding herself more clear and balanced as she falls deeper into faith, trust, and love. 

As a lover of ocean waves, whole foods, medicinal herbs, summer sun, autumn leaves, snow covered trees, and easy winds... Kristen draws inspiration and appreciation from Natures expression of life!
As a lover of books, music, camping, storytelling, writing, hiking, travel, and laughter, she finds joy in all our manifestations and abilities as human! 
She aims to live in celebration of all the little magical things in every moment.

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