Lisa Norowski   Reiki Level 1 & 2

Lisa Norowski

Reiki Level 1 & 2

Lisa is an angel, a spiritual person and brings joy to her surroundings. She strives to help others feel more relaxed and empowered to nurture themselves in order to support others.

Lisa spends her time as an IT Support Specialist. She assists the employees of a law firm on a day-to-day basis with their requests and solves their technical issues. However, Lisa’s passion is Reiki, especially learning more about crystals and the body’s chakras.

The driving force behind Lisa’s passion stems from her battle with Leukemia as a child. She longed to be a normal kid and one day to become a mother. While undergoing radiation, chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant, she harnessed her strength to care for the younger kids who did not always have family to visit them. As much pain as Lisa was enduring, it was her selfless goal to make sure those children were supported and had fun while undoing their treatment.

Lisa is thankful that the treatments were strong enough to cure her cancer. Unfortunately, some of the treatments she received while being in the hospital caused ailments in her body. Prescribed pharmaceuticals have not provided a remedy to heal those afflictions. As Lisa grew older, she yearned for a more holistic approach to treat her ailments rather than prescribed medication for the rest of her life. Lisa finally discovered her saving grace in Reiki while attending Nicole’s restorative yoga class. She received treatment for a lower back pain condition by Nicole. At that moment when Nicole practiced Reiki on her, Lisa found relief. She yearned to learn more about this recuperative practice.

Lisa is forever grateful that she crossed paths with Nicole on that faithful day. She is now a certified Reiki 2 Practitioner within the Glowing Heart Reiki School. She is planning to be certified in Reiki 3/Master by the end of 2019 and is seeking certifications in Crystal Healing in 2020. Throughout her life, Lisa always has been an intuitive person, channeling spiritual visitors and embracing this phenomenon. She is also tuned with nature and feels compelled to be one with it while staying grounded as much as possible. She always knew her calling was service to others but did not know how to channel that power until she learned about Reiki. The satisfaction from knowing that she can share her healings with another human being is indescribable.  

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