ODNA , Reiki Level 1 & 2 Practitioner, Choreographer, Channeler

ODNA, Reiki Level 1 & 2 Practitioner, Choreographer, Channeler

‘Everyone is worthy of connecting with the source energy and experiencing its healing power, I’m honored to be able to offer my gifts and be a vessel in service for fellow humans on their path of life ’  

Odna is a healing artist and a channeler whose work/service focuses on reconnecting humanity with the Earth from the feminine principle perspective of compassion and care. While fulfilling her artistic life mission of igniting a Revolution through Evolution she has also devoted time to practice and share her healing gifts in a private and group settings. Over a course of 5 years, based on a lifelong movement research and a professional dance training Odna has created a unique movement method, which teachings help heal, relax and gently reconnect with a body and let it heal itself. As a naturally energy sensitive person raised in Polish Mountains, she has followed the calling for Reiki energy attunement from Nicole Lynne Hooley followed by Reiki II in Glowing heart Reiki School. Since then she has been practicing and offering individual sessions in which she blends energy healing with somatic movement and massage providing a unique healing experience for fellow humans. Odna teaches, leads meditations and movement classes with her method regularly indoors and outdoors in New York open to all levels.