Your Reiki Business 101

When starting out as a Professional Reiki Practitioner it is important to be clear with your intentions of offering your service to the world! Take some time to visualize your ideal reiki clients, your ideal location to offer your service and also imagine how you want to feel when you are doing this work. This will help you focus, receive guidance from source and act out of higher inspiration rather than from a lower energy place.  

Next you want to find a location that makes the most sense for where you are in your practice. If you are still offering free or very discounted sessions it might make the most sense to offer out of your home. However, if you are feeling like its time to offer in a professional space start to do research on locations that you would feel proud to bring your clients and that charge a reasonable rate that feels comfortable for you.

Before taking clients it is smart to have them fill out a consent and intake form, we have provided a sample below. It is also highly recommended that you have some sort of liability insurance. Most professional spaces will require that you have this. In most cases Massage Insurance will cover everything you need as a Reiki practitioner. 

Most importantly, we urge you to work with the Reiki Principles in all of your efforts and do your best to infuse all aspects of your business with this healing light. Reiki practitioners have a unique opportunity to bring spirit and healing into the world of commerce! If we can harmonize our open hearts with the practical needs of business we can ripple out peace, fairness, love and light into a segment of the world that so deeply needs it! We can create a paradigm where the exchange of value is done with acknowledgment of spirit and an intention to serve the highest good!

Wishing you the best of luck on your journey as a Reiki Professional Practitioner!

Love & light, 
Nicole Lynne Hooley xo

Founder of GHRS

Consent Form


Intake Form

Additional Resources

Lisa Powers, the founder of the International Reiki Association, has a great online Reiki Business Course that you can use as support in your process of becoming a Professional Practitioner!


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